FAQ – U18 Series

These FAQ are specific to the U18 WebOS Smart Televisions

How do I setup my TV?

  • Plug your HDMI cable or Coax cable to your television
  • Connect your Internet Cable to the television. (If you are using Wireless, follow the on-screen when prompted)
  • Turn on your Bolva U18 Series Television
  • Follow the steps on-screen to set up your unit.
  • Change language and time zone as needed and press next
  • Follow steps for audio guidance to keep on or turn off
  • Your screen will display which connection is detected depending on the cable(s) you connected. Press next
  • If you have internet via wi-fi select your router from the drop menu. Enter your password and select enter from the virtual keyboard. Once connected select next to continue
  • Select (NEXT) for the terms and conditions
  • Select (Agree All), then (MORE) and then (Agree)
  • The next page (The way we watch TV) select ok from your remote to access the drop menu you will have 3 options, (Cable/Sat – Antenna – I Don’t Have TV services)
  • Connect LG ThinQ – Follow steps on screen by scanning QR code with your smart phone if you wish to download the app.
  • Select (CLOSE) Enjoy your new Television.

How do I know what type of Service I have?

This television has 3 options for the The Way We Watch TV

  • Cable/Sat – If you have basic cable services without a cable box choose (Cable/Satellite connection to antenna port on TV)
  • Antenna – If you have a digital antenna with coax cable select (ANTENNA)
  • HDMI Connection – If you installed an HDMI cable or coax cable to your Bolva television while using a cable box, select (I Don’t Have TV services)

How do I change Inputs?

  • On the remote control, press the INPUT button and select the desired connection

How do I update my Bolva U18 Series Smart Television?

  • Press the Quick Settings button
  • Navigate to All Settings and press Ok to access
  • Navigate to Support and press the right arrow button on remote control
  • Select Software Update
  • Follow steps on screen
  • Select Check for Updates and press OK on remote. If available select to update
    • You may also select (Allow Automatic Updates) to enable future updates to be install as they become available

I can not enter my Postal Code in the Setup

  • Press the (Back) button on your remote until you are back to main screen for (Language / Country / Time Zone)
  • Instead of selecting (NEXT) select (Exit First Use)
    • Message (Exiting First Time Use will set the remaining necessary settings to default). Select Yes.
  • Your LCD screen will show white snow
  • Press the input button on your remote
  • Select on your screen the INPUT your cable or sat box connected and press ok on your remote
  • Follow steps to perform a firmware update

I’m unable to see any programing on my television

  • Make sure, your cable or Sat box is powered
  • Make sure, your connections are secure
  • Try another HDMI input and change the source in your remote
  • If you have more than one cable or sat box in your house do a swap
  • Try new cables
  • Follow steps to perform a firmware update